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International Materials of Design


Tile as Art

When you buy something from an artist, you are buying something more than just an object. You are buying a creation that gave times of joy, frustration and experimentation. You are buying a piece of heart and soul, a small piece of time in someone’s life. These are all things you know and ponder as you contemplate a painted canvas or a beautiful sculpture, but do you have these same thoughts as you look for tile? You should. Just like any other form you would consider art, tile should be put in the same category. Look at tile as an investment and spend wisely as it never saves to compromise on something you don’t love all in an effort to save a few dollars.
Tile is a very general term that can cover anything from mosaics and hand carved stones to hand-painted ceramics and stained glass. Inspiration and traditions from around the world allude to the techniques and motifs found on all these various forms. New and daring designs are constantly evolving and emerging, so next time you are in the market for some new tile, realize that it can be an investment with an artistic outcome.