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World’s Collide: Fashion and Interiors

It is no coincidence that the world of fashion and interior design completely overlap and influence each other. Those who care about how they look also care about how they live. Often times fashion designers are inspired by architecture and interior designers are inspired by color and patterns of the fashion world. There are shared design principles that both practices have when creating furnishings in a space or an ensemble of clothing: determining a focal point, creating the silhouette, balancing proportion and details. Another shared principle would be to invest in a quality piece such as a nicely tailored suit or in a quality piece for your home. There’s always a connection between materials and the story.
Heavy influence of the textile world trickles down into the niche industries, like tile. If you’ve seen it trending on the runway chances are it is coming soon to a tile near you. One of our favorite vendors just came out with a new line that was directly inspired by the fashion world; you can read their excerpt and check out the collection here:
Here are current and classic examples from this year’s runway:

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