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Bathroom Design: Know your space – Know your taste

Begin by planning an efficient layout and be able to articulate that when working with a designer or contractor. Think about the overall goal of your bathroom renovation. Maybe it’s that you want an updated look because you are staying in your home and want something beautiful to enjoy for the long-term. Or it’s possible you have decided to sell the house and need a budget-friendly updated design.

Know Your Space

By knowing the actual size of the areas within a bathroom, a budget can quickly be determined, while driving the decisions of the tile selections. All bathrooms are different, so each space can vary to the next. Be prepared to bring those ideas/plans to the showroom.
Consider the most important elements you want in the bathroom. Dissect the space into key elements such as the shower, tub, vanity and toilet areas. Next visualize the vertical and horizontal surfaces such as flooring vs. the walls. Choose wisely by focusing on those key elements when shopping for materials. For instance, if you really want the bathroom to center around the shower, take the time to find the best materials for that area.

Know Your Taste

Showrooms can be overwhelming and just because something might look good in a store doesn’t always mean it will translate into your home. Be willing to edit and eliminate looks to stay on track with your desired design. You can start with a color scheme or specific style and build from there. Perhaps you are restoring an old house and need to stick with a period motif that maintains the integrity of the home. Maybe you want to transform the bathroom into an updated spa retreat. Either way, you need to start somewhere before your initial shopping experience. Impulsive decisions or piecemealing a project can lead to costly decisions and wasted time.

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